Sunday, October 6, 2013

Albany Bulb Residents and their Supporters Plan to March and Campout on Solano Ave

People gather to discuss action.
Resistance to the impending eviction of the 20 year + squatter community, dog park, and rebel art space on the Albany Bulb continues. Solidarity actions, marches, community events, banner drops, protests at the homes of those involved in the eviction, and camp-outs have all been used so far to mobilize both those living on the Bulb and those who use the space that wish to fight to keep it wild. Here's a list of actions that have taken place so far since September:

*September 3rd: Bulb residents and supporters march from the Albany Bulb to the Albany City Council.
*Throughout September, various film showings of "Where Do you go When it Rains?" and "Share the Bulb" take place throughout Albany, Oakland, and Berkeley.  Films are followed by community discussions and panels.
Banner drop on University Ave.
*September 21st, Solano Community Church and friends make chalk messages up and down Solano Ave promoting the message of "Share the Bulb."
*Late September, banners are dropped over the University freeway over pass proclaiming, "Defend the Bulb!"
*September 28th, several hundred people throughout the day participate in community discussions around fighting to save the Albany Bulb and enjoy a potluck and live musical guests.
*October 2nd, between 50-75 people participate in a general assembly to plan actions to defend the Bulb and also stage a "solidarity camp-out."
*October 4th, a Bulb resident, Amber, files a lawsuit against the city of Albany, claiming the city broke the law by failing to provide access to low-income housing. 
*October 5th, a small group of protesters demonstrate outside of Robert Cheasty's home. Cheasty is one of the most vocal proponents of the eviction of the Bulb. Read more about him here.

Monday, October 7th
On October 7th, Bulb residents and supporters are planning to take their battle to the steps of the city and also the up-scale streets of Solano Ave. People plan to gather outside of city hall at 6pm, speak before the council and then march on Solano Ave where they will plan a camp out on the street. Residents and supporters want to show the impact of what 60-70 residents evicted from the Bulb will have on the bourgeois streets of Albany.

For more information on the rally, march, and camp-out, please go here

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